Salvation Belongs to Our God – Book Review!

Chris Wright’s book “Salvation belongs to our God” is written as part of an imprint produced by Langham Literature titled the Langham Global Library.  From Langham’s website, this imprint is designed to provide “intercultural exposition and application of the Christian faith, within the framework of the Cape Town Commitment, by authors from the international evangelical community”.

We are often encouraged to “begin with the end in mind”.  This can apply to our business planning, our to do lists, or even our lives.  Chris Wright takes the text of Revelation 7:9-10 from the end of the Bible, and uses this as a lens to help us understand the biblical story of salvation from cover to cover.

As Wright says from his introduction, “the Bible’s description of God acting in salvation includes the whole of human life in every dimension and is not merely an insurance policy for our souls after death. We need, in other words, to have a holistic understanding of salvation. And that too will be a concern of this book all the way through”.

The book is easy to read and the Revelation text gives a great framework for exploring what the Bible teaches us about salvation, and God’s saving work throughout the narrative of scripture.

Two ideas I found especially challenging as Wright unpacks them were:

  1. The different ways in which the Bible talks about salvation (victory in OT battles, deliverance from slavery, the disciples in the midst of the storm on the Sea of Galilee are just some examples); and
  2. That salvation is a possession of God – it really does belong to God.

For pastors or Bible teachers, reading this book could provide you with a great framework for a teaching series.  It’s an approachable book, written for a lay audience in mind, so I encourage you to get a copy – it’s available from Church Stores now for $25